Local Government

Commissioners discuss Calhoun Expressway name change

City leaders move forward with environmental services department changes

City Administrator gives an update on Environmental Services Dept.

Commissioners discuss probation services in committee meetings

Augusta commissioners approve millage rate rollback

Church formerly in Hyde Park turns to city for answers about relocation

Lincoln County property owner pays city for equipment issue

Richmond County sheriff asks commission to fund department pay raise

Augusta commissioners discuss probation services

Augusta city leaders question recent problems in Environmental Services Department

Augusta Engineering director turns in letter of resignation

District Attorney Natalie Paine pleads case to commission for more attorneys

Augusta city leaders discuss making budget cuts to non-government organizations

Augusta employee finds solution to open a tag office on Fort Gordon

City moving forward with crack down on litter

UPDATE | Augusta commissioners vote against moving forward with Foundry Place Apartments

Augusta judges say they need more court room space

UPDATE | Augusta commission votes against a street light fee

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National Headlines from NBC News

Deadly Earthquake Shakes Mexico City, Collapses Buildings

A powerful earthquake rocked Mexico on Tuesday, killing dozens of people and toppling buildings — less than two weeks after a deadly 8.1-magnitude quake hit the country.

Britain Arrests Third Man in Subway Attack

Three young men are now in custody on suspicion for roles in Friday's explosion in the London subway, a terror attack that injured dozens of commuters.

Category 5 Maria Isn't Done Clobbering the Caribbean

Maria has it sights on the Virginia Islands and Puerto Rico — islands that haven't been hit by a storm this powerful since 1928.

Florida College Official Ousted Over How She Handled Irma

Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska resigned after it appeared she was hunkering down on campus ahead of Irma but had actually fled to Atlanta.

Death of Scout Schultz Highlights LGBTQ Mental Health Needs

The Georgia Tech student's death highlights the need for better mental health resources for LGBTQ college students, some advocates and health professionals say.