The Salvation Army of Augusta is asking the community for its help

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Friday, Aug. 11, 2017

AUGUSTA, GA - The Salvation Army of Augusta is asking the community for its help.

"An old Salvation Army slogan accurately stated, 'Need knows no season.' Those words still ring true today. As we face increased demand in these late summer months, the support of the community is vital in helping us continue in our mission to meet human needs," Captain Philip Canning, Senior Kroc Officer & Area Commander, said.

Donations have significantly dropped due to residents not living in Augusta during the summer months. According to a press release, August and September are typically the months when the Salvation Army faces their greatest need for donations.

As more people look to the Salvation Army for housing, meals, rehabilitation programs, daily assistance and a variety of necessities, needs have dramatically increased at The Salvation Army's Center of Hope Shelter.

In July, the shelter fed over 730 more meals than in June. And, the men's shelter is currently at 97 percent capacity, while the women's shelter is working above capacity leaving many women and children sleeping on mats due to no beds being available.

The following are methods to donate to The Salvation Army:

By Mail: 1384 Greene Street, Augusta, GA 30901

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