Scams hit local military and veterans

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May, Friday 18, 2017

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - An On Your Side warning to service members and veterans. Scam artists are trying their best to trick you out of your money.

"The service members would get this information saying hey you've been accused of a crime and order to resolve the crime you can wire me some money and I won't report it to your supervisors," Det. Jeremy Hembree said.

Aiken County Public Safety officers say a 21-year old woman tried to extort money from military personnel. They say she would look for the uniform on social media.

"At that point service members became victim to the fraud even though they had not committed a crime. If you know you haven't done anything wrong obviously report it to your superiors within the military," Det. Hembree said.

Officers say Tiffany Delgadillo collected hundreds of dollars in the scam. She's charged with five counts of extortion.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is also trying to protect veterans from a scam. The agency is warning veterans to be careful when they call the Choice Program phone line. There is an impostor phone line which only differs in area code. Instead of claims it offers callers $100 rebate if they provide a credit card number. The impostor steals the credit card information from veterans.

The real number is 1-866-606-8198
The impostor number is 1-800-606-8198.

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