Paperwork you need to register your pet

News 12 First at Five/ Monday, Jan. 9, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Richmond County's new animal ordinance has a lot of people talking.

So far registration has been slow but steady. The Tax Comissioners Office says they've had about 200 people register there. You can also register online or at Animal Services.

"There are more people coming in everyday and more people realize this isn't a hard process we just want to go ahead and get people registered," Shannon Harris.

Nicole Novak got her dog the day before the new year and the new rules.

"I had some people telling me it was only if you're dog was not spayed or neutered, which I remembered they said that it was for everyone," she said.

All dogs and cats older than six months need to be registered, fixed or not. If your pet is altered it's free, but you need the right paperwork to prove it.

"They're going to get that information from the vet that they actually went to," Shannon Harris.

If you don't have the forms, the vet can fax them to the Tax Commissioners Office. They should come from the vet who did the work even if it's outside of the area. And your registration is only as good as long as the rabies vaccines are updated.

"Whenever they get a new vaccination they just need to bring it to us so we can update those records," Harris said.

Luckily for Nicole, she adopted her dog from Animal Services, so paperwork was not a problem.

"I got him from the shelter so he has all of his paper work for being neutered, rabies, microchipped, everything," Novak said.

But if you don't, call your vet to get the right documents so your pet can avoid the fine.

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