North Augusta HS increases security at football scrimmage after last years shooting at a South Aiken

Friday, Aug. 11, 2017

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A North Augusta High School football scrimmage saw increased security after a shooting after a South Aiken basketball game in January put 3 people in the hospital.

North Augusta Public Safety lined the streets at the North Augusta High School football scrimmage.

With the season about to start security was top priority and the fans noticed.

North Augusta Teacher Stephanie Ramey said, "Definitely more presence of north augusta public safety, my bag was checked today as I came in, everything seems to be really calm and quiet so I can tell a difference."

Security was set up at the entrance to the staduim with metal detectors and bag checks, but not everyone was a fan.

"Sometimes it makes me feel safe, but sometimes its like just knowing when you bring a purse everywhere like you got to get it checked, like i dont really like that," said North Augusta Freshman Skylar Cook.

While some may not like the extra time it will now take to get into games, others are happy to see a change.

North Augusta Sophomore Riley Morris said, "It makes me feel really good, that like your safe."

North Augusta Public Safety made sure to keep the students in line.

When half time ended they urged kids to go back into the stands.

North Augusta Graduate Anthony Mayes noticed a difference.

He said, "I know there will be less fights, drama, all of that."

In the end, more safety will protect the fans and put the focus on the players and the competition.

"Well i can just go and watch and enjoy the game, and that's what its all about watching these boys play football," said Ramey.

Security at the game said this is something they will be doing all season even into the next sporting events like basketball.

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