New North Augusta fire station sits on historical property

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 News 12 First at Five

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Drive by it and you might miss it, but this property and what's behind the trees is a part of North Augusta's history.

"Personally the first time I saw the Carriage House it knocked me over," Don Maxwell said, the treasurer of Historic North Augusta.

This used to be the Seven Gables property, built by North Augusta's founder, but when that hotel burned, all that was left was the Carriage House. But the property could be in for a much different future with plans for a new fire sub station and more.

"Obviously that looked like a good location, it is historical, it has some historical things on it," Maxwell said.

The city purchased the property last year for the sub station, which they say is a must with the development on the riverfront.

"Current one down on Buena Vista is not large enough for the ladder truck and we're going to have high rise apartments, high rise hotel buildings in Project Jackson," Mayor Bob Pettit said.

It might be more than a sub station though, as public safety is also looking towards a new headquarters since the current one is more than 60 years old.

"Has problems with mold and it's not really what they need, so to combine it up there would be a good idea," Pettit said.

For now though the city is just drawing up plans for the sub station, but Maxwell and others are concerned the Carriage House and other parts of the property could be lost forever.

"This city has so much history associated with it that it would be a shame to lose this garage, this small footprint to a bulldozer," he said.

Right now, North Augusta only has money in the budget for the sub station, but will look to raise funds in the 2018 Capital Project Sales Tax. Meanwhile, the city says they are looking at possibilities to have the Carriage House, new sub station and new public safety headquarters on the same property.

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