Looking at EMS response time for area football games

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Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 News 12 First at Five

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- It's football, but when stepping on the field there's always a chance of getting injured.

"We were receiving the kickoff and after the play was over we had a child on the field that was hurt," Scott Jones said.

Jones' son plays for the Strom Thurmond's JV team, in a game against Saluda Thursday night, one player went down complaining about numbness in his legs.

"Course the coaches come up and checked him out and within a minute or two they decided that they needed an ambulance and they motioned for them to call," Jones said.

But it would take at least 40 minutes before they heard sirens and EMS arrive at the game.

"How long does it actually take for an ambulance to respond to an injury or somebody that's hurt," Jones said.

At Strom Thurmond, the athletic director says they have ambulances on standby for varsity games, but not JV games because of local EMS resources. To compare, in Richmond County they have ambulances for both, but one athletic trainer says it really depends on the resources and funding for E-M-S in the county.

"Frustration, not able to do anything about it," Jones said, "You know I wanted to yell out in frustration where's our first responders."

But watching a kid on the field for that long would worry any parent.

"If it does not concern you then there's something wrong," Jones said.

One of Edgefield County's focuses this year is improving EMS response time and putting more funding towards it.

Strom Thurmond's athletic director also says the player injured was doing better today and was getting X-Rays to be safe.

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