Daughter of 82-year-old killed in shooting spree talks about his murder

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News 12 NBC 26 / May 16, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A warning greets you at the door of Armand Peck's home.

A small sign that says " protected by Jesus Christ."

Monday afternoon murder suspect Rodney Ivey paid this warning no attention.

"He came in the door and as soon as my dad opened the door he shot him. He shot him twice," said Peck's daughter Haley Bucao.

Bucao says Ivey shot and killed her father, an 82-year-old Vietnam war veteran, then barged into his home and stole his vehicle and television.

"My moms things from when she passed away, we had them all in a safe place, and they were thrown out on the floor. Everything that was important to us was violated," said Bucao.

Haley says investigators told her at one point a "Life Alert" button was pressed, alerting EMS to come to her father's home, but she claims they weren't there long.

"We understand the man the shooter came out and pretended this was his home. He went back in and then EMS left. They didn't realize until later that the man they spoke to was not the owner of the home," said Bucao.

Haley says Ivey was on a killing spree.

"I don't understand and there is no answer why. I don't think there ever will be," said Bucao.

A senseless way to lose a valuable life.

"He is my dad and the grandfather to my children. He is everything to a lot of people and him not saying who did it, that he did it, is like saying my father doesn't count," said Bucao.

Deputies have not been able to tell us much as this is an ongoing investigation.

We asked them about his daughters claim that EMS was there and they told us they are "not able to comment further on this incident or the suspect at this time."

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