Augusta University police discuss how they're regulating guns on campus

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Friday, July 17, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- It's been two weeks since the Campus Carry legislation has been in effect. Augusta University police say they're trained and familiar with the regulations, and now they're educating the campus.

They held the first of a series of forums today to answer questions from the campus about the legislation. There were a lot of questions about how they will regulate the campus carry.

They have a vetting process for calls about concealed weapons on campus. When they get a call, they'll first ask what kind of weapon is it, is the weapon drawn, and what is the person doing with it. They'll ask these questions before they send officers so they won't react too soon.

"It's a paradigm shift for us. Whenever there has been a gun on campus call, there's an adrenaline rush and we take that very serious, but there's been a shift now since July 1st" said AU Police Chief Jim Lyon.

Their hands are tied in some areas. They cannot make of list of those on campus with guns, they also cannot approach someone simply because they have a gun. They can only approach someone if they are acting inappropriate.

Due to the guidelines, there also won't be any signs around campus or maps to identify restricted areas. Officials say it's up to the gun holder to find out that information and act accordingly.

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